Outdoor And Nature Based Learning

Nature Pedagogy is an understanding of our sense of belonging to land, our sense of working with nature. There is a pedagogical shift when you move outside into nature… it’s learning with nature, not just teaching about it.
– Claire Warden

We are fortunate at Canning Vale Prekindy to have a beautiful natural outdoor environment that offers children many, many opportunities to connect with and engage with nature. Children take responsibility for caring for the natural environment, including edible gardens, a bush tucker garden, worm farm and native plants. We draw children’s attention to the changes that take place with changes in the seasons with a particular focus on Noongar perspectives and knowledge.

Children are able to enjoy the outdoor environment in all weathers (except electrical storms or high wind) where they can experience the effects of nature. Parents are asked to provide clothing that is suitable for the weather of the day which may include gum boots, raincoats, hats, sunglasses etc. (The prekindy is well shaded during the hot months)