Storing of Records

It is required that certain records be kept by the prekindy for the following periods:            

Record of injury or accident Until the child reaches 24 years of age
Record detailing death of an enrolled child 6 years from the day the record was made
Record of attendance 3 years from the day on which the record was made.
Record of Excursions 3 months from the day of the excursion
Record of rehearsal of
emergency evacuation procedure
3 years
Record of parents
authorisation to include a
child in an age range up to
3 months higher or 3 months
lower than the child’s actual age

3 years

Evidence of qualifications of  staff 3 years from the day it was given licence qualifications
Written particulars of the program 3 months
Record of days and times contact staff member is employed by the Licensee 3 years from date of employment


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