What to Bring

The Prekindy does not supply meals. Children are encouraged to bring a small snack of fruit, vegetables, cheese or yoghurt only. These should be placed in a clearly named container, cut up and ready to eat. If your child has other food requirements as recommended by a health professional please speak with the program staff. No chips, lollies or chocolate please. Where there are children enrolled in the program with food allergies, further guidelines for snacks will be given.

Drink Bottle
Your child should bring a clearly named drink bottle containing water only. Children will be able to access their drink bottles at all times throughout the Prekindy session and will be encouraged to rinse their mouth with water after eating, to promote healthy dental practice.

A bag, clearly labelled with your child’s name on the outside, containing a change of clothes appropriate to the weather.  The bag should have fastenings your child can manage to open and close. 

A broad brimmed or legionnaire style hat and sunscreen must be worn all year round when playing outside. 
Please leave a hat in your child’s bag so that it is always available.  Sunscreen should be applied at home but should you forget there is sunscreen available at Prekindy for you to apply

Children should wear clothing that is practical (we have many “messy” activities at Prkindy), comfortable and easy for them to manage at the toilet.

We recommend that toys and costumes stay at home as they may be lost or damaged at Prekindy.  If your child has a special comfort toy (teddy, etc) please discuss this with the teacher.