The Committee

Canning Vale Prekindy is a community based program approved through the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). It cannot operate without a committee. Meetings are held twice in each term to which all members (parents) are invited. Please consider joining the committee as no committee means no prekindy.

Benefits of being on the commitee-

  • A deeper understanding of the work that goes into the providing an early childhood service and the work educators undertake.
  • An opportunity to have input into and help mould the future of the prekindy.
  • Ability to developing or use skills that may be helpful in future employment.
  • Involvement in the committee can be documented on a CV.
  • An opportunity to meet other parents and make friends.


Overall responsibilities of the management committee-

  •  To ensure the Prekindy operates in line with:
    • Relevant Acts, regulations and quality standards;
    • The Constitution; and
    • Policies
  • To ensure employer responsibilities are met.
  • To ensure the Prekindy has adequate insurance cover.
  • To minimise and mitigate the Prekindy’s exposure to internal and external risks which threatens its operation.
  • Co-ordinate the AGM and Enrolment Night and assist at the event.
  • Regularly attend and participate in committee and general meetings.

The prekindy employs an Administrative Assistant for a few hours a week to help with major administrative tasks such as enrolments and accounting tasks.


  • Chair committee and general meetings
  • Ensure tasks are allocated members and follow up to ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner.
  • Prepare meeting agendas in collaboration with the Secretary
  • Prepare and present a Chairs report on current and upcoming activities; reports to be delivered at each committee meeting and at the annual general meeting.
  • Where appropriate, serve as a central point of contact by anticipating and coordinating timely communication between staff and committee members.
  • Facilitate appropriate communications, actions and cooperation between staff and the management committee.
  • Provide support to staff and the committee on Human Resources issues relating to but not limited to recruitment and selection, employee well-being, termination.
  • Act as the first point of contact for staff who may require access to EAP or other employee related services currently in place.
  • Assist with the transition of the outgoing and incoming management committee on a yearly basis by sharing CVPK knowledge and historical information.
  • Act as the signatory on behalf of the Prekindy as required.
  • To be the spokesperson for the committee and the association


  • Prepare meeting agendas in line with an existing template in collaboration with the Chairperson; ensure the meeting agenda is prepared and sent to the committee at least one week prior to the committee meeting.
  • Minute committee meetings in line with an existing template, record all actions and decisions accordingly. Minutes are to be distributed within a week after the committee meeting.
  • Ensure the effective management of all correspondence in and out – mail, emails.
  • Keep an up to date register of members (in addition to those already on the enrolment register).
  • Process Police Clearances and Managerial Office Statements for all management committee members, including the collection of all forms and supporting documentation for submission by the Coordinator.
  • Ensure records are kept for the required length of time and destroyed in accordance with legislative and relevant regulatory requirements. Assist with the management of records as required.
  • Review and maintain appropriate and accurate employee records.
  • Develop and deliver written communications where appropriate on behalf of the committee and association. Written communications include but are not limited to Thank You letters, Sponsorship Letters, Prekindy Newsletters and end of term/year activities report.
  • Act as the signatory on behalf of the Prekindy as required.
  • To be the spokesperson for the committee and the association


  • Ensure detailed accounts are accurately maintained by working closely with the Administration Assistant and keeping informed of matters relating to finance.
  • Ensure all accounts are paid on time including staff wages and entitlements – this includes being aware of key payment dates (in accordance with the Prekindy’s financial activities calendar) and approving payments in a timely manner.
  • Review monthly P&L statement and balance sheet; report to the committee as appropriate.
  • Work in collaboration with the Admin Assistant to prepare and present the Treasurer’s reports at committee and general meetings.
  • Work with the Coordinator and Admin Assistant to ensure the association stays within budget.
  • Ensure other monies are banked/deposited accordingly and receipts issued where required.
  • Ensure appropriate insurances are maintained.
  • Act as the signatory on behalf of the Prekindy as required.
  • To be the spokesperson for the committee and the association
  • Where required, provide advice and support to the Administrative Assistant to ensure the finances are appropriately maintained.

General committee members- (3 or more)

Proposed Portfolios for 2018 – these can change from year to year depending on the needs of the Prekindy.

  • Marketing/Social Media
  • Fundraising eg. Bunnings – Sausage Sizzle, Bookclub, Obstacleathon
  • Maintenance/Busy Bee
  • Grants & Sponsorship
  • Community Engagement – Families.

Within each of the portfolios:

  • Take ownership of the portfolio and provide hands on support to the committee.
  • Engage and work in collaboration with the rest of the committee to ensure key projects are delivered within the portfolio.
  • Regularly attend and actively participate in committee meetings, report on activities within your portfolio.
  • Assist other Committee members as required
  • Contribute items to the Prekindy newsletter on a rostered basis.